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The Rigging Setter will help you speed up and simplify the process of setting rigging D's and plate rigging.  It insures the proper placement of rigging without removing the tree from the stand.  There is no need for time consuming measurement and it is possible to set the rigging once with no repositioning.  It also allows the saddle maker to build multiple saddles with identical rigging placement.  The Rigging Setter comes with a bench mount that can be attached to the work bench which allows the maker to work on both sides of the tree.  Some customers have also secured the bench mount to a wall so that they can use the stand as a saddle rack when not setting rigging.   An optional stand mount is available for those who do not have a heavy bench to which to attach the mount.  The Rigging  Setter knocks down for easy storage.

H K Boot and Saddle       Grand Junction, CO

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