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About Us:
H K Boot and Saddle is a small custom western boot and saddle shop located in Grand Junction on the western slope of Colorado.  The owner, Harry Knipe, has a degree in boot and saddle making from Oklahoma State University.  He specializes in hand made, one-of-kind boots, saddles, and half sized miniature saddles as well as various trappings associated with the art of the cowboy.  His entry in the 9th World Leather Debut of 2010 won first place honors in the Boot Category.  In addition, Harry is the Northwest regional director of the Colorado Saddle Maker's Association.
While in the pursuit of perfecting his art of saddle making, Harry devised a unique tool and method for setting rigging on the tree that simplified the entire process and insured accuracy without any of the time consuming measuring or anxiety normally associated with that part of construction.  After other saddle makers were introduced to The Rigging Setter, many of them encouraged Harry to build and offer them for sale to others.  The Rigging Setter is now in use in several saddle making schools as well as saddle shops throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

H K Boot and Saddle